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Live Streaming

We Take Your Event To Your Audiences In Real-Time

If you have an important event your loved ones can’t attend, a powerful sermon you don’t want your congregants to miss or a concert you to broadcast globally to limitless parties in real-time, look no further than BBX Media Ltd. We connect your events to your audiences across the globe with professional live streaming videography services.

From professional Webcasts and conferences, we deliver quality live streams using advanced equipment and industry-leading software packages. Our services include multi-camera options to capture the event from different angles and versatile end-user Content Delivery Network solutions that will enable your audience to view from different devices.

With exceptional audio quality along with mixers that have SD and HDMI outputs and inputs in addition to even more equipment, we guarantee you the best quality, seamless live broadcasts, all at unbeatable prices.


Video Technicians

Highly experienced staff

From concerts, conferences and festivals to film & tv, sports and live events, we provide low-cost videography solutions. We set up and operate video equipment, audio equipment, custom lighting systems and other electronic equipment, catering to projects of all magnitudes.

Recording & Editing

Quality Guaranteed

BBX Media Ltd provides world-class video recording and editing services, professionally capturing your events to deliver high-quality recordings. We have the unique capability of capturing the emotion or feel of any event, whether it’s a jovial party, serious conference or emotional wedding, adding compelling sound, visual effects and more to steer closer to your vision. Additionally, we edit your videos, allowing you to customize all their aspects including background music, video length, transitions and more. 
Our Services Include:
Custom graphics
And more!


Specialist Video Equipment Supply

Quality Video Equipment For Professionals, By Professionals

We are a highly specialized video equipment supplier, bringing you all the equipment and gadgets you need for production a affordable prices. We continuously invest in our inventory to make sure that we always have exactly what you need at any time. 
We Provide:
Video Cameras
Vision Mixers
Media Servers
Screen Management
With carefully curated inventory from some of the most reputable brands in producing quality equipment, we provide you with the best gear that meets even the highest industry’s standards.


Expert Videography Consultations

If you need expert advice on the best method to achieve your videography project goals or a little nudge in the right direction, look no further. We help you define the scope, feel and theme of your video shoot sessions, collaborating with you to steer your project in the right direction. 

Our consultations give us the chance to discuss your event plans to make sure everything runs smoothly and your videos are seamless. It also enables us to tailor our services to your needs and create the perfect package for you within your budget.

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Reconfigure Your System To Suit Your Needs

Make technology work for you!

We help you match your computer system to your production needs, using several system builders and software. Whether you want to configure your vMix system to support live videos, produce HD content or create animated graphics and motion pictures, we are here for you.

We are the ultimate system design tool, delivering custom solutions for your system infrastructure to help you create quality video and audio content.